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Ultimate 80's Party

Nostalgia has taken over and theme parties are the rage. The Eighties decade ushered in ultimate dance beats, totally rad attire, and top coming of age movies.

To plan the ultimate 80s party, you first gotta have the ultimate tuneage. Start with those mega artists like Journey, Madonna, MJ, but don't forget the righteous one-hit wonders from the totally bitchin' decade. Check out The M80s hottest 80s mix from the radical decade!

Second, encourage guest to the totally rad costume contest with prizes from the 80s such as rubix cubes, 80s movies, 80s dvd mix, etc.

Third, don't forget games fittin' for the times! Contest ideas: 80s movie trivia, 80s top events, breakdancing contest, moonwalking contest, etc. Wanna have The M80s plan it all? Contact The M80s for your next party and we will bring the p-a-r-t-y to you!

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