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Most Memorable Eighties Films and Soundtracks

The most memorable hits of the 80s were immortalized by the iconic films of the radical decade. These songs have stood the test of time through their catchy synth pop beats, but also due to the tie to the most popular films of the eighties. For those children of the eighties, you immediately visualize the eighties movie that inspired it and you most likely remember exactly the clip where the song was played.

Our favorite top 10 films inspiring some of the greatest eighties soundtracks were: 1) Footloose 2) Pretty in Pink 3) Top Gun 4) Purple Rain 5) The Breakfast Club 6) Valley Girl 7) Fast Times at Ridgemont High 8) Dirty Dancing 9) Ghostbuster 10) St Elmo's Fire

Relive the 80s with a weekend marathon of "coming of age" movies with the hottest soundtracks. Check out The M80s eighties movies recommendations!


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